Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Before-Baby Blurb

April has been a big month for us! We've done a lot and we want to take a chance to celebrate some of it before Baby Biggs #2 makes her debut. For those who can't remember, her due date is May 7th, so she could be here any day! This Mama is hoping sooner rather than later! Without further ado, here are the last few weeks in pictures:

Making pizza for Family Home Evening!

Talking to his grandmas on the applesauce "phone".

Are these parts for Mr. Potato Head or John?

Riding the carousal on the Downtown Mall.

Making cars at the Children's Museum

Matt's extra-long limo

Spring cleaning!

Inspecting the sand table

Picking poppies in the front yard

Jessica with a lemon cupcake that is rumored to induce labor--it didn't work this time!

John helped decorate Mom's belly. 

Feeding the goats at Yoder's Market

Sliding with Grandma Biggs at Bounce 'n Play!

Braving the bouncy slide by himself!

One of many blurry bouncing pictures. We had so much fun!

Monday, April 6, 2015

An Easter BB Blurb

A late Happy Easter to you! We had a wonderful weekend in northern Virginia and John certainly figured out how awesome an Easter egg hunt could be. But we have a few pictures from the beginning of the week too!

Mud football!
John was soaked by the end of this adventure. But he was pretty pleased with himself!

John's newest outside toy. The perfect place for a snack or a rock collection.

John and a friend throwing rocks through the fence. Because, why not?

Family date night to Ducks Donuts! Matt polishes off his maple bacon donut.

John found some friends to run around with.

Ring around the rosie!

Dying Easter eggs with Grandma.

Helping grandpa decorate.

Meeting a real-life llama!

The egg hunt begins!

"There's candy in these things?!?!"

He had to sample every egg.

Another find!

Mom wanted a picture. John just wanted more candy.

The aftermath!

And the tractor. John was in heaven!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Introducing "Bite-size Biggs Blurbs"

Since blogging became overwhelming for a while, I've decided to simplify my blog updates. I'm not waiting for big "newsworthy" events to post. We're just going to put up pictures from each week with a little bit about what we're up to. We call them "Bite-size Biggs Blurbs". Enjoy!

March 20th was John's 2nd birthday! Hooray big boy!
Aunt Jeanette brought cupcakes so we could celebrate. You can't tell from his somber expression, but John was pretty thrilled! 
We had some beautiful days this last week! We just had to go to the park and dig in the mud.
His clothes were dirty, but he was so happy!
A new favorite outdoor activity--chalk on the deck! This is what happens when you don't have a driveway...
Uh oh! Pen on the wall! John looks guilty, but he actually really liked scrubbing the wall. He didn't want Mom to take the magic eraser away!
John wished he could join the Primary children in singing for the Easter program. He was entranced!
Matt dissembled a pallet to construct a hanging tomato box for our deck.
John loved helping Dad. He mostly used the hammer to "test the wood's durability", but he sure had fun!
The finished box hanging over the side!
A view from the yard. It looks great!
Baby bump at 33 weeks! We're getting so close to meeting little Lucy Lu!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Quick Trip to Chicago

While we are in Indianapolis this summer, we are only three hours from Chicago--so we had to go at least once. I think the Windy City is definitely one of the more underrated big cities. First of all, the skyline is totally impressive, especially coming in from the south. So what did we do in Chicago?

First Stop: Chicago Style Pizza!

We went all out at Giordano's, the home of the deep dish pizza. There are several locations around the city, and we had to wait over an hour (with several toddler meltdowns along the way), but it was totally worth it! We ate half the pizza for lunch...and then finished it for dinner. It didn't even last more than a couple hours. So cheesy, buttery and yummy.

Oops, sorry John! He was probably waving at our server.
And this is more like real life! Feed John first!
Second Stop: Cloud Gate!

The Chicago bean is a necessary stop, but all of Millennium Park is great to walk around and explore. John loved seeing his reflection in the bean, splashing in the fountains and chasing after pigeons. He actually got pretty close to a few of them!

Third Stop: Lutz German Bakery!

Matt's great-grandfather owned a german bakery in Chicago a while back. He eventually sold it to the Lutz family and the bakery is still there today! We just had to stop and check it out. We bought a black forest cake and a baumkuchen (almond cake rolled in small layers like a tree trunk). It was so delicious! A sweet employee brought over a big cup of milk for John, and we were able to chat with the owner about the history of the bakery. He gave John a free cookie. These guys really knew the way to our heart--being so nice to our son!

John eyeing the baumkuchen.